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Photo: Susan Wienke


Date of birth: 06/24/2002

Height: 182.8cm

Weight: 65.7kg
Education: CU Boulder

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Age started riding bikes: 6

Age started racing bikes: 12

Previous teams (club/collegiate count): Boulder Junior Cycling, Lux Cycling, CCB

Rider type: GC

Strengths: Climbing and TT

Area most eager to improve: Sprint and Crosswinds

Biggest on the bike accomplishment to date: GC win at Aubel Thimister Stavelot

What or who inspired you to start riding? 


When I was 6 I started doing long bike tours with my parents. These would be multi day 100+ mile rides that I for some reason enjoyed. I did this for a few years before I started competing in triathlons and then at the age of 12 started focusing on cycling. 

What’s your biggest goal for the season? 


My biggest goal for the season is to get selected for the World Championships. in 2019 as a first year junior I auto qualified for worlds but ended up turning down my spot for a handful of reasons, but mainly to  focus on 2020 worlds. But of course the race got canceled that year so I still have yet to compete in a Road World Championships.

Where is your favorite place to train and why? 


My favorite place to train is the Malibu canyons. I first went there as a 16 year old for a Lux Cycling training camp and have been in love since. It has some of the best roads and climbs I have ever ridden in the world, combined with the perfect weather for training and beautiful views. 

What’s one lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way and/or beginner mistake you made and now laugh about? 


A big thing I've had to learn is how to fuel properly, and it's something I still am working on to date. When I was younger I always would eat too big of meals too close to the race and end up throwing up everytime. Now I'm really working on eating more than you would think on the bike. It's crazy how important of a factor proper fueling is. 

What has been the biggest adventure you’ve had on a bike to date? I don't think I have a specific on-bike adventure that stands out more than the rest. I'd have to say my entire racing career has been a pretty crazy adventure that is taking me to places I didn't even know existed. 

What race are you most looking forward to this year and why? 


As I said above a big goal of mine is qualifying for the World championships but the race I'm probably looking forward to most is L’avenir. It's a difficult race to qualify for and it is the pinnacle of u23 stage racing, and it would be such a cool experience to line up with the best riders in the world at a mini tour de france. 

What is your dream race to win and why? 


Of course it's any rider's dream to just ride in the Tour de France let alone win it. But trying to be a bit more original, a race I think would be really cool to win is Strade Bianche. Just the chaotic nature of it with the gravel and steep climbs and the insane finish into Sienna is dope. 

Which pro rider would you love to have as a teammate? 


I got to go with Wout. He's been my favorite rider since I first watched him as a 15 year old racing cross and he still is my favorite rider to date. 

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