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Redlands classic


Sunset Loop - 151km

Stage 5 of the Redlands Classic was the last race for our friend and rider Fernando Islas. He has decided to pursue interest outside of cycling.

"Thank you fernando for all the memories you have brought to the team. We will all miss you but in the end doing what’s best for you is always what you should do. You will forever be apart of the family papi. Love you."

-Alex Hoehn

"Before Fernando was teammates with me I had raced with him in the juniors. When he was my competition he made me have so much respect for him. Now having him as a teammate and very good friend that respect has grown so much and will continue to grow. "

Riley Sheehan

"Fernando has been a great person to have around when out training and racing. Always positive, relaxed, and generous. I wish him the best in his future endeavors, and I’m happy that I had the chance to have him as a teammate and he will forever be a friend."

Andrew Vollmer

"Fernando is a great person and teammate, I wish him well for his future! He will always be a part of the Aevolo family no matter what direction he chooses!"

Tyler Stites

"Fernando was more than a teammate to me, he is and will remain to be a brother! He can be a threat in any race, sprints, climbing, time trialing, guy is a beast on and off the bike."

Michael Hernandez 

"Fernando, thank you for what you’ve done to this team. I learned a lot from you this past two years and you always motivated me to push myself harder. Good luck with your future plans. Te quierro mucho papi."

Laurent Gervais

"Fernando you have been an amazing teammate and friend. I've always been impressed with your ability to go from cool, calm, and collected Fernando, to straight up apex predator the second you step over a bike. Thank you for the all good times Macho. I wish you the best."

Lance Haidet

"It's been fun getting to know Fernando and he's a solid rider and a rad dude. It's tough to see him go and I hope his heart returns to the sport, but above that, I'm glad he's choosing what makes him happy."

Cade Bickmore

"It's been an honor to race with you and I wish you the best in your next venture."

Gage Hecht

images tosh Clements
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