Date of Birth : 2/27/1999

Height : 1.87m

Weight : 78kg
Education: College of the Canyons

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Top results

  • 38th Stage Jayco Herald Sun Tour  ('20)

  • 18th National Championships United States U23 - Road Race  ('19)

Photo: Tosh Clements

Age started riding bikes: Started racing bikes at 3

Age started racing bikes: Began racing BMX at 7 then transitioned to racing road at 12.

Previous teams (club/collegiate count): Raced for block bikes at age 12. Switched to Specialized Factory Racing from age 13 to 18. Then Los Angeles Bicycle Club and finally Legion of Los Angeles.

Rider type: I consider myself to be a one day rider.

Strengths: Strengths include sprinting, punchy hills, lead outs, and breakaways.

Area most eager to improve: I’m most eager to improve my time trialing abilities this season.

Biggest on the bike accomplishment to date: My biggest accomplishments include winning 8 national titles, getting 22nd at Paris Roubaix, second on Cry Baby Hill, and winning San Rafael.


What or who inspired you to start riding?

My dad inspired me to ride bikes. I was gifted a Redline BMX bike when I was younger and was convinced to go ride at my local track. This then sparked my competitive spark for racing bikes.

What’s your biggest goal for the season?

My biggest goal for the 2020 season is to prove to myself that I can compete with the best riders in the country and world. I feel many people have been sleeping on me so I have a massive chip on my shoulder. Very excited to mix it up with the best.

Where is your favorite place to train and why?

My favorite place to train is Malibu and in my hometown of Palmdale. Malibu has some of the best roads and views in the world. Palmdale has very good training roads as well. I can ride for hours and not hit a single light and not to mention it’s my home.

What’s one lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way and/or beginner mistake you made and now laugh about?

One lesson I had to learn the hard way was not picking the inside line on the final turn at Cry Baby Hill. This simple mistake ended costing me the race but I don’t dwell on it. I look back on it as a learning experience and has help me to remember to position myself in the right place in races after the fact.

What has been the biggest adventure you’ve had on a bike to date?

I’d say one of my biggest adventures to date has to be when I was on LABC last season. My teammates Diego, Hunter, and I took a trip to central Mexico to go race our bike. We were fortunate to be able to stay at our friend Raul’s parents house near Zacatecas. It was very interesting seeing the different types of culture.

What race are you most looking forward to this year and why?

I’m looking forward to a lot of races this coming season. Especially Herald Sun Tour, some races during the European racing blocks. I’ve never been to Australia before and to race with some of the best in the world, is a honor. I look forward to making the most of it.

What is your dream race to win and why?

My dream race to win is Paris Roubaix. Although I realize to win this race I first have to get to the World Tour but nevertheless it’s always been a dream of mine. But I guess that’s why you take things one step at a time.

Which pro rider would you love to have as a teammate?

I don’t particularly know of any specific pro riders that’d I’d love to have as a teammate. However, what I can tell you is if I had to choose, I’d pick a rider who has been through it all. For example, a rider who has made mistakes in his past but also accomplished many great feats along the way. I say this because I would want learn from that riders mistakes and learn from that riders accomplishments.