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Date of Birth: 22/05/2003

Height: 182cm

Weight: 69kg

Hometown: Greensville, SC

Education: Furman University, Arizona State University

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Top results

  • 18th Youth Classification South Aegean Tour UCI 2.2, 2022

  • 27th Stage 1 South Aegean Tour UCI 2.2, 2022

  • 28th Stage 1 Flèche du Sud UCI 2.2, 2022

  • 29th Stage 5 Flèche du Sud UCI 2.2, 2022

  • 5th Youth Classification Tour of the Gila UCI 2.2, 2022

  • 24th Paris Roubaix Juniors UCI 1.1 RR U19, 2021

  • 1st Stage 1 Vuelta Júnior Ribera del Duero UCI 2.1 TTT U19, 2021

  • 6th Amateur Road National Championships RR Junior 17-18, 2021

Previous teams:

Hincapie Juniors (EF-Onto)
Dornier Racing (Unknown Racing)

2023 is my ________ season on Aevolo:


Earliest memory of riding a bicycle:

My earliest memories from riding bikes were from riding laps in my driveway on a bike with training wheels and then from riding on the trails of Paris Mountain State Park with my family. I grew up riding mountain bikes with my father almost every weekend and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline it brought me and the exploration it allowed.

First race:

My first proper race was the Hincapie Spring Series junior race at Donaldson Center in Greenville, SC. I was probably 9, race age 10. I have this vivid memory of sitting on a trainer warming up in the cold weather before pinning up my first race number and heading to the start line packed with juniors. I don’t remember much from the race, but I remember spending lots of time learning and training around the laps of the Donaldson Center after that. 

Favorite race in the USA:

My favorite race in the USA is the Pro National Championships. After watching it for many years, I finally competed in Pro Nationals for the first time last year with Aevolo. It’s a very nostalgic race for me as it was the first bike race I ever watched in person way back when I was 3 or 4. The energy around Pro Nats is unparalleled to any other race in the US. Getting to race with some world tour guys plus having so many familiar faces around the race venue was such a cool experience this past year.

Favorite race in the world:

My favorite race in the world would probably be Paris Roubaix. I love the classics, and Paris Roubaix is no exception. The cobbles of Roubaix provide a grueling surface to race on which really require your full focus and your handling skills to be dialed in. I grew up watching this race every year and always had tons of respect for the way the race seemed to elicit the most gritty and the toughest effort out of its competitors. I was honored to be able to take part in Junior Roubaix in the Fall of 2021 as a guest rider for Hot Tubes. This race immediately became one of my most favorite races that I have participated in. It also happened to be a wet edition of Roubaix which just caused total chaos. I really loved the raw grit and handling this race required. I spent the day picking off groups of guys during the cobble sectors. I would catch up to a group, and then hit the front at the beginning of each sector and try to ride away from them. The sectors were so wild with people crashing everywhere and my own tires slipping all over the muddy cobbles. This full-stick, let it all hang out style of racing was so fun to be a part of. On the second to last sector, I had my only crash of the day, from which I chased back like a mad man. Though it was one of the toughest races I have competed in, it was some of the most fun I have had on a bike. I love the unique challenge this race presented, especially in the rain. As an added bonus, watching the pros race the same sectors on the screen and finish right after the juniors in the velodrome made for a special experience. 

Favorite training route:

My favorite training route is this loop I created and titled “Wolfhead.” This route is 160 km with 3,500 meters of elevation gain. It loops from Brevard, NC over to the Wolf Mountain/Wolf Creek area which includes many rolling climbs and a few steep 300 meter climbs. This gradually ramping sawtooth profile is followed by a 600 meter climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway which takes you north before ripping a fast, flowy descent into Brevard. This is one of my favorite training routes because the roads are dead quiet, the elevation profile is pretty grueling, and it features some nice views along the way. I have made many memories along this route with a few of my closest training partners.

Best piece of Aevolo team equipment or apparel ? Tell us why.

My favorite piece of Aevolo team equipment is my Selle SMP Forma. This saddle is the best saddle I have ever ridden. It conforms in a way that I did not think was possible. The saddle has a natural curve for your ischium and a slight ramp in the back to keep your pelvis locked in a powerful position.

What is the biggest lesson you have had in cycling that you would share with an up and coming rider?

Through many different lessons, I have learned to always be prepared. Crashes and drastic weather changes are among a few of the uncontrollable variables in cycling that can change the outcome of a race or training day in an instant. I have learned to always be prepared with the equipment I pack. I always pack at least 2 pairs of my necessary race equipment and items with me to account for those uncontrollable variables. I also usually overdress in training and carry an extra bar or two to be prepared for possible weather changes or unexpected detours.

I want to be on Aevolo because:

I want to be on Aevolo because of the team’s camaraderie. The energy of the team is really fun and everyone is supportive. Being able to travel and race a prestigious calendar in Europe with teammates and staff who I consider good friends is such a unique experience in cycling. Everyone involved with the team is super knowledgeable and supportive which makes for a great environment to learn, develop, and ultimately thrive in. I have admired the team since I was a junior, so to be on the team now is super special. 

One of my goals I hope to achieve in cycling during my time on Aevolo is:

A big goal of mine during my time on Aevolo is to win stages of UCI stage races in Europe. I want to race smart, race hard, and stand on top of podiums wearing the Aevolo colors in European and American stage wins. 

Something I find important outside of cycling is:

Something I find important outside of cycling is spending meaningful time with my family and friends. I enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and making quality memories with people I care about.

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