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Date of Birth: 8/30/2002

Height: 172cm

Weight: 66kg

Education: Milligan University

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Top results

  • 2x 9th Joe Martin Stage Race ME  ('21)

Age started riding bikes: 4


Age started racing bikes: 4 - BMX


Previous teams (club/collegiate count): Gateway Devo Cycling, Milligan Cycling, Lux Cycling, Celo Pacific

Rider type: All Around

Strengths: Sprinting/ Punchy Finishes


Area most eager to improve: Breaking away


Biggest on the bike accomplishment to date: Top Ten Joe Martin Queen stage 


What or who inspired you to start riding?

My dad inspired me to start riding, we’ve been a racing family my whole life. I started cycling with  the goal of switching to motorcross to follow in the footsteps of my father. But once I started riding bikes I never looked back. 

What’s your biggest goal for the season?

My goal is to get international experience in the U23/Elite categories and continue progressing. Hopefully earning my first UCI podium. 

Where is your favorite place to train and why?

I love training in SoCal because of the year round summer, coastal views and narly climbs. But East Tennessee is unbeatable in the fall.

What’s one lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way and/or beginner mistake you made and now laugh about?

The Cold is really COLD. Coming from SoCal I struggled with being prepared for the harsh conditions, I eventually learned that racing in the snow with no shoe covers is a no go. Being prepared for the elements is super important.

What has been the biggest adventure you’ve had on a bike to date?

I rode from San Francisco to San Diego with my dad when I was 13. We took the train up and rode home over 2 days, it’s something I will never forget. 

What race are you most looking forward to this year and why?

Redlands because it’s my home race and it’s been canceled the last two years I was supposed to do it. So it would be great to race in front of my whole family.

What is your dream race to win and why?

Paris Roubaix, it was my favorite race to watch as a kid and it’s the most brutal race there is. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to start roubaix. The winner isn’t always necessarily the strongest but they are always the toughest.

Which pro rider would you love to have as a teammate?

Michael Morkov, he’s the best leadout man in the business and a beast on the track. Would love to learn from someone so experienced in both disciplines.  

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