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January 19th,  2018

LAS VEGAS - What happens when you get 12 under 23 pro cyclists, combine zombie airsoft, go-karting and warrior training and sprinkle in some riding through Red Rock Canyon State Park? Some serious team building, of course!

Aevolo’s team camp, based in Las Vegas, was all the aforementioned and more, including an impromptu visit to the Palazzo to see the Rolling Stones exhibit and a stroll down Fremont Street. It’s difficult to imagine how we fit it all into just three days in late January.


In those three days, the team effortlessly meshed together as one. The returning riders welcomed our five newest additions into the fold like long lost friends.


“Bringing in five new riders when your total roster is twelve strong is a pretty big portion,” returning rider Michael Hernandez said. “[Mike] Creed and the Aevolo staff did an excellent job making camp not as much about the training, but about learning how and where the new guys fit in. Between go-karting (which is always a blast) and group prepared dinners, the new guys really got to feel out each of the returning guys’ personalities and vice-versa. Knowing a teammate’s limits is important to me because it makes it much easier to give everything for a guy you to actually enjoy hanging around.”


US junior time trial champion Kenny Boots, who is new to the team this year, described his first time with Aevolo as a “great experience.”


 “It really seriously shifted my focus back to road, after the off-season, and made me realize the reality of my situation of being on an amazing team,” 17-year-old Boots said. “The airsoft and go-karts were both extremely fun. It’s super awesome to see that the team is not a stressful environment, but rather a fun, awesome team, that’s full of my friends, rather than teammates.”


“Camp was definitely a success,” team director Mike Creed said. “It’s awesome to see the guys come together so quickly to pick up where we left off in 2017.”

Aevolo will reunite for a second training camp in Oxnard, Calif. at the beginning of March.


New riders

Kenny Boots (USA)

Denzel Stephenson (USA)

Fernando Islas (MEX)

Nick McKey (USA)

Alex Hoehn (USA)


Returning riders

Luis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)

Jason Saltzman (USA)

Michael Hernandez (USA)

Laurent Gervais (CAN)

Lance Haidet (USA)

Tyler Stites (USA)

Gage Hecht (USA)

All Photos by Casey B. Gibson

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