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Date of Birth : 6/19/1999

Height : 1.77m

Weight : 65kg

Education: Cegep Abitibi

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Photo: Tosh Clements

Age started riding bikes: 7-8 years-old

Age started racing bikes: 10 years-old

Previous teams (club/collegiate count): Silber Pro Cycling 2018, Interpro Cycling Academy 2019

Rider type: All rounder

Strengths: Race craft, circuit races

Area most eager to improve: Time trial

Biggest on the bike accomplishment to date: Junior national champion 2017

What or who inspired you to start riding?

My parents who involved me in mountain bike when I was young because I wanted to have a motocross and they thought it was too dangerous, so I got into mountain bike. Then I started to ride road bikes when most of my friends where racing on the road and fell it love with it at the age of 16 so I stocked with it.

What’s your biggest goal for the season?

I want to improve my TT skills to get better at GC


Where is your favorite place to train and why?

I like Spain a lot because of the views, the nice weather and for the climbing. I love the lifestyle over there too, people are relaxed plus it is siesta time every pm so I love it.

What’s one lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way and/or beginner mistake you made and now laugh about?

When I was racing downhill in a training camp by myself while it was raining and I crashed like an idiot and hurt myself.

What has been the biggest adventure you’ve had on a bike to date?

I would say my biggest bike adventures are when I go hunting with my gravel bike and I get lost running after partridges for so long that I make a fire to cook and eat those partridges because I am far away from home and completely cracked.

What race are you most looking forward to this year and why?

It’s hard to say because we never know the exact calendar a while before, but I definitely want to race U23 Worlds and the GP Quebec and Montreal, two local World Tour races in Canada. I am really looking forward to the Sun Tour too, because it is one of the first races of the year, so WT teams are there and I always wanted to go to Australia so going there while racing my bike is going to be awesome.

What is your dream race to win and why?

Every race is fun to win, but if I had only one too choose, I would say World Championships. But more realistically, I would like to win pro nationals.

Which pro rider would you love to have as a teammate?

Mathieu Van Der Poel