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Date of Birth: 2002

Height: 187cm

Weight: 74kg

Hometown: Tucson

Education: University Student

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Top results

  • Vuelta Catalina road race: 1st 

  • Riverton Crit P1/2: 1st

  • Ccns crit p1/2: 1st

  • Green mountain stage race P 1/2

  • Stage 2 road races: 5th

  • Stage 4 crit: 1st 

  • Overall: 4th

  • U23 nationals road race: 4th

  • U23 nationals crit: 4th

Previous teams:


U17: donkey label 

U19: Debondt verandas

2020/2021: cinch

2023 is my ________ season on Aevolo:


Earliest memory of riding a bicycle:


My earliest memory of riding a bike is on the walls of Lucca Italy when I was 4 years old on a family vacation.

First race:


My first race was a BMX when I was 7 years old, although it didn't end amazing as I was disqualified for cutting the last corner.

Favorite race in the USA:

Tour of the Battenkill is my favorite bike race. A beautiful farmland setting and it was my first time setting a goal for cycling and being able to complete it. It still feels good. 

Favorite race in the world:


My favorite race in the USA is the snake ally crit. This is a super fast and technical crit that tackles the snake ally climb in Iowa, the climb is a legendary 20% switch-back cobbled climb. This race is definitely on my list of ones I want to win

Favorite training route:


My favorite training route is more of a group ride than a route. It is the shoot-out ride In Tucson AZ. it's a brutal ride that beasts you into fitness very fast as some of North America's best world tour and pro tour riders do it each week during the winter. I've been humbled more times than I can count but this ride is a huge contributor to the rider I am today.

Best piece of Aevolo team equipment or apparel? Tell us why.


So far my favorite piece of Aevolo equipment has been the Cannondale systemsix. I remember my first training ride on it when I had just finished some intervals and I flipped it around at the top of a climb. And I vividly remember the moment I hit about 22mph the bike just took off downhill, I set my Pr down that descent without even trying. And I can't wait to see how it handles in the technical European racing and I hope it gives me some free watts.

What is the biggest lesson you have had in cycling that you would share with an up and coming rider?


One lesson that I would share with an up-and-coming cyclist is hard work is the only way to the top. Everyone at the top level in this sport is incredibly talented but what sets apart the good from the great is hard work.

I want to be on Aevolo because:


I want to be on Aevolo because it's a team that's made up of incredible people that help riders realize their potential in a healthy and supportive environment. There are few teams that have helped American cycling as much as Aevolo has and I'm super grateful to get the chance to get over to Europe with them and see if I really have what it takes to make it. 

One of my goals I hope to achieve in cycling during my time on Aevolo is:


The biggest goal that I hope to achieve during my time on Aevolo is to see if I really have what it takes to race at the highest level. This will be my first year racing over in Europe as a U23 and I'm stoked to punch above my weight and see what I'm capable of.

Something I find important outside of cycling is:


Something I find very important outside of cycling even though it is a clique answer is spending time with friends and family. Cycling is a pretty lonely sport at times so Im is always grateful when I get to get off the couch after training and go spend time with people I care about.

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