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Date of birth: 2002

Height: 180cm

Weight: 64kg

Hometown: Belmont

Education: Currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Cruz

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Top results

  • 7th 2022 USA U23 TT Nationals

  • 7th 2022 Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 1

  • 2x Mount Diablo Challenge Winner

  • 2022 NCNCA California "State" U23 Road and Criterium Champion

  • 2nd Zunnebeke Criterium

Previous teams:

PenVelo Racing
Bear National Team
Team California
Urbano-Vulsteke (Stagiaire)

2023 is my ________ season on Aevolo:


Earliest memory of riding a bicycle:

My earliest memory riding a bike was when I was first learning to ride without training wheels. It was at the local elementary school where there was a thin paved pass that went through the grass field and is one of my earliest memories.

First race:

My first real race was a local XC mountain bike race in 2017, I raced in the novice category and fought hard to finish top 5. My first race of any type was in 2006, at the Burlingame criterium's Ryan's Ride.

Favorite race in the USA:

My favorite race in the US is the Pescadero Coastal Classic on the San Francisco peninsula. It is a local course that tends to have hard, tactical racing and ends with a short hilltop finish.

Favorite race in the world:

My favorite race in the world is Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the power and pack skills necessary to survive the constant climbs makes it an amazing race to watch and it is one of my dream races to do.

Favorite training route:

My favorite training loop is a 100km Kings Mtn/Tunnitas Creek loop in the Bay Area, it has two of the best climbs in the area evenly spaced out with some great sections to rip with a group in between. It also has less than ten stop signs and no stop lights from door to door.

Best piece of Aevolo team equipment or apparel? Tell us why.

All of the Aevolo equipment is amazing but I am most excited about being able to use Shimano's Di2 drivetrains. After racing on mechanical shifting for the last few years, the switch to electric is amazing. No more worrying about barrel adjusters, or snapped cables, just perfect shifts every time.

What is the biggest lesson you have had in cycling that you would share with an up and coming rider?

I have learned a lot of cycling and life lessons due to the bike but I think the biggest one is to keep working towards your goals. Their will always be set backs or issues in the short term but as long as you keep gradually working towards your long term goals it will turn out okay.

I want to be on Aevolo because:

One of the best ways to get better is to surround yourself with motivated people that you can learn from. I feel that Aevolo has this environment and will allow me to grow as a person and as a bike racer.

One of my goals I hope to achieve in cycling during my time on Aevolo is:

To increase my pack skills and race tactics, I know I have the power to succeed and I look forward to being able to have the knowledge to utilize my strengths.

Something I find important outside of cycling is:

My education, I love to learn and work my way through problems so college is important to me. I enjoy computer science since it allows me to constantly improve and use my prior knowledge as building blocks to solve more complex issues.

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