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February 4th, 2020

For the first time, the Aevolo squad is kicking off the 2020 season with a trip to Australia for the 67th edition of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour, the oldest UCI stage race in Oz. 

Starting February 5, the five-day race attracts a range of elite riders, from World Tour to
continental teams, creating a unique learning environment for our young team.

“It’s pretty special to me bringing this young North American team to the Jayco Herald Sun
Tour,” team director Jono Coulter said. “These fellas are hungry and eager to get their season started, they’ll lead with the front foot and watch for the World Tour guys to start swinging. 
Let’s see if they can get on a seat on the swing with them.”

The Sun Tour will be live streamed on Global Cycling Network’s YouTube channel here: starting February 5th at 10 a.m. AEDT, that’s 6 p.m. Eastern,
February 4th.

Our Roster

Tyler Stites (USA)
Scott Mcgill (USA)
Cade Bickmore (USA)
Sean McElroy (USA)
Charles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)
Conor Schunk (USA)
Aidan McNeil (USA)

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