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Photo: Henry Yates


April 3rd, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak halting all domestic and international bike racing for the indefinite future, Aevolo Cycling will become a U-24 development squad in 2021.
The extension is for one season and hopes to ease the burden on riders who would have been aging out at the end of this season.
“I hope this gives the 22-year-old riders some relief mentally,” Aevolo Sports Director Michael Creed said. “This pandemic isn’t their fault and I don’t want them tempted to come back too soon and put themselves in situations that could potentially get them sick.”
Gage Hecht and Tyler Stites have been with Aevolo since its inception in 2017. During that time, they have turned into leaders on and off the bike, showing incredible progression all while racking up impressive results. Both 22 years old, they would have aged out of the Aevolo development program without little to no opportunities to race in 2020.
“All of the Aevolo athletes came into the 2020 season with high aspirations and solid preparation,” co-director Jono Coulter said. “We were high key pumped to see what they could achieve both in the USA and in the team's first foray in Europe. Extending the opportunity for our athletes who would have otherwise aged out in 2021 allows everyone in the program to focus on their loved ones and their own health, without the burden of jeopardizing community health aiming for as yet uncertain end of 2020 sporting goals.

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