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December 20th,  2019

We have another national champion on our hands. 

This time it's Gage Hecht, who despite already having a stellar cyclocross season, capitalized on his form with an impressive win at the Cyclocross National Championships in Tacoma, Washington this past weekend. 

"I can’t describe the excitement I feel to be wearing this country’s colors other than it feels amazing," Hecht said. "Winning this as an elite is something I’ve dreamed of all my life. The season is not over yet though. I will be heading straight to Europe to race over Christmas week and all the way through Worlds." 

Hecht's Donnelly-Aevolo teammate and friend, Lance Haidet, also competed in the elite category and finished a strong fifth place. Not bad considering both athletes are still in their early twenties. 



"Not to sound cocky, but I was confident either Gage or I was going to come home with the Stars and Stripes," Haidet said. "We both put in a ton of work and preparation, but more than anything we had some serious motivation to show up and demonstrate that although we are young, we are there to either win. That is exactly what Gage did. I am super proud and excited for him."

The cyclocross talent on our Aevolo road team doesn't stop there. Riding for Blue Stages Racing, Eric Brunner took home top honors in the U23 competition as well as the collegiate title. Both Brunner and Hecht will travel to Europe to do some fine-tuning before taking part in the Cyclocross World Championships Feb. 1-2. 

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