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Date of birth: 2005

Height: 172cm

Weight: 59kg

Hometown: Lakewood, CA

Education: Highschool - Crane mechanic - LBCC Welding Classes

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Top results

  • 4th Tulsa Tough Cat ½ 

  • 2nd TOAD JR Omnium 17-18 P123

  • 2nd TOAD Cheddar Omnium ⅔ 

  • 2nd TOAD West Allis Cat ⅔ 

  • 2nd TOAD Mount Pleasant Cat ⅔

  • 2nd TOAD Shorewood Cat ⅔

  • 3rd TOAD Downer Ave Cat ⅔

  • 3rd TOAD Tosa Village Cat ⅔

  • 5th TOAD Bay View Cat ⅔

Previous teams:

Velosport Junior Development

2023 is my ________ season on Aevolo:


Earliest memory of riding a bicycle:


My earliest memory of riding is middle school riding around on big bmx bikes with my friends doing wheelies.

First race:


Mission Crit 7

Favorite race in the USA:

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn. 

Favorite race in the world:


Red Hook Crit Milan

Favorite training route:

Riding Palos Verdes area, the switchback climb specifically. 

Best piece of Aevolo team equipment or apparel? Tell us why.


Everything because it’s all too vicious to choose one, but I am a huge fan of the rare Aevolo wool scarf that was thrifted.

What is the biggest lesson you have had in cycling that you would share with an up and coming rider?


I learned to persevere, push past obstacles, and withstand negative circumstances. No matter how jacked up a situation may seem, I learned to thug it out and come out stronger on the other side.


“When In doubt, Thug it out.” It not only goes for cycling but everyday situations that happen in life.

I want to be on Aevolo because:

There’s just something about Aevolo, I don’t know how to explain it, just how sick and exciting it is. When I learned what let’s go champ means It really made me think of myself. I’m not the guy who was born with crazy numbers or anything like that, but I am the guy that has something to prove and will do anything to do that, I see myself nowhere but on Aevolo.

One of my goals I hope to achieve in cycling during my time on Aevolo is:

To show that I’m really about it and to be all in for Aevolo period.

Something I find important outside of cycling is:


When I’m not on or about the bike, me and my best friends work on our cars. It’s great because we are always fabricating things to make them better or work the way we want them to by putting our heads together and getting things done. One thing we all got in common is that we get sideways. 

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