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Sep 17th,  2021

The Aevolo team collected solid results, enjoyed superb performances, and shared unforgettable memories from their recent excursion across the pond to try their hand against the European peloton. The squad took on a series of challenging one-day kermesses and a three-day stage race over the course of two weeks, culminating with the Eurode Omloop, where they swapped the green and gold for red, white, and blue, racing for the US national team. Gage Hecht claimed second place in that event, a massive result for the veteran Aevolo teammate and leader. 


Gabriel Shipley also took a trip to the podium after storming to third place at Izegem Koers U23 kermesse against stiff competition. In fact, Aevolo secured a top 10 placing for virtually every competition they took part in. 


Director Michael Creed


"It went well overall. We did a lot more racing than we thought and came away with some good results, some top 10s and top 20s. The weather held out pretty well, and all in all, I'm really pleased with how the boys performed."


Cade Bickmore


"I think our best day might have been the last one at Eurode Omloop. The boys were riding well together and super strong. We missed the early break of three, but halfway through, we started reeling them back in. We made it in a couple moves that looked like they might bridge across but to no avail. Then, we put Scott and Gabe on the front, and they brought back quite a bit of time. We launched some attacks, with a really big solo effort from Gage being the one that stuck. With Gage up the road, Tyler and I were busy shutting down any more moves. Gage caught and dropped two riders from the early break, and our group soon swallowed them up. Gage made it across to the lone survivor and tried hard to lose him, but in the end, was outsprinted and took second. I tried a move with 2km to go but got caught with ~500m to go and led out the bunch sprint where Tyler took 5th, but 7th overall."


Gage Hecht 


Along with some of our other graduating riders, Eurode Omloop marked the final time Gage Hecht raced in our green and gold Vie13 road kit. Hecht has been with Aevolo since its 2017 inception and quickly became a respected and valued leader. We're sad to see Gage go but, at the same time, excited to watch the cyclocross and road star shine in his future endeavors. (We'll be featuring Hecht and the rest of this year's graduating riders in an upcoming post.)


"Eurode Omloop caused me to experience a lot of deep emotions. I'd be lying if I said I didn't roll to the start with some tears in my eyes. The guys all rode strong and gave it a great effort to get me there. 


"It's been a real honor to race under the guidance of such a great program for the last five years. They've been a big help in achieving many of the top results I've earned and have been there to carry me through a bunch of really rough patches. The most recent one was giving me a ride for an extra year because of the pandemic. I've become a much better rider from it.


"I know he doesn't tend to enjoy taking credit for our results, but Creed deserves quite a bit for fostering an environment where riders want to work hard without taking the enjoyment out of bike racing. The staff has also contributed heavily to making it all happen. Thanks also need to go to Cannondale and Shimano for supporting all of us over the years. Finally, thanks to all of the teammates I've had over the five years I've been a part of the team. You all made the experience something pretty amazing."


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