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Photo: Casey B. Gibson



November 8th,  2018

Aevolo is pleased to announce Costa Rican climber, Gabriel Rojas, has joined the U23 team for the 2019 season. Rojas is from Tuetal Norte, Alajuela, Costa Rica and has been racing for six years. His biggest result to date is an impressive second place overall in the Cat 1-2 Tour of the Gila.

“My biggest goal for the next season will be to be 100 percent for each competition, to be selected with my new team and to be able meet each strategy in the best way,” Rojas said. In addition I’d like to get better at English over time.”

Previously a part of Comite de Deportes de Alajuela (CODEA), Lift Center Racing and Pollos Don Jose teams, Rojas excels at climbing and stage racing. With Aevolo, the 18-year-old hopes to improve his performance in stage races, specifically at the Tour of the Gila, one of the most challenging stage races in America. 

“I’m waiting for the Tour the Gila 2019,” Rojas said. “I competed in category 1-2 and I would like to compete in a higher category and improve my position with a great team like Aevolo and be able to compete against the professional teams that attend. I hope it’s from my first races of the year.”

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