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Nov 5th, 2021

The Aevolo cycling team will shift to amateur status in 2022, enabling more logistical flexibility, racing options, and rider development in Europe and beyond for the upcoming season. The move allows for the ability to bring riders on during the season, as well as the capacity to place them in continental or pro continental teams if the opportunity arises. 


“With our objectives shifting more towards European racing and no guarantee of any .1 racing happing in the states,” team director Michael Creed said. “It makes sense to not bind ourselves with UCI regulations of roster sizes, mid-year transfers or not being able to do some U23 races while in Europe. I understand that this could look like a slide backwards from the outside but this is a step up for us.”


Since our inaugural season in 2017, we've witnessed unforgettable accomplishments and performances, backed several national champions, and navigated a 2020 racing calendar plagued by Covid-19 related postponement and cancelations. 


However, at the end of this year, we’ll have the majority of our riders officially "aging out" of the program. We wish them the best as they move forward with their cycling careers - some staying stateside and others finding their home base on international squads. The farewells never get easier, but we take heart in knowing our graduating alum will forever be part of the Aevolo family. 


Along with our new approach to the ever-evolving road race calendar, we're pleased to announce our squad for 2022. Our returning riders are climbing superstar Aidan McNeil, Gabriel Shipley, and Tristan Jussame, who won the Canadian U23 time trial championships in early September.


"As a rider returning for my second year on Aevolo, I'm looking forward to racing with the squad over in Europe," Shipley said. "This year, I was exposed to the frantic European style of racing under the wings of my experienced Aevolo teammates, and I'm excited to lay the foundation with the new squad I will grow with for the next three seasons."


Joining Shipley, McNeil, and Jussame will be Cole Lewis, Sean Guydish, Matthew Warren, Tobias Klein, Cooper Johnson and Luca Scuriatti.


"I'm absolutely over the moon to be joining Aevolo for 2022," Lewis said. "To be a part of such a special program and be welcomed into a community of high-performance athletes is truly a dream come true. I can't thank Michael Creed and the rest of the team enough for bringing me on board (but I'm going to try!). I’m stoked to be able to test myself against the nation's best and international talent overseas. I can't wait to meet the guys, and to train harder than I ever have before to make 2022 the best year yet. Let's go champ!"

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