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Photo: Tosh Clements



April 25th, 2019

Aevolo Cycling is pleased to announce it will support a women's elite composite squad for the 2019 Tour of the Gila UCI 2.2 stage race, held in Silver City, New Mexico.

In its third year of running, the successful Aevolo under 23 development program saw an opportunity to field a separate women's team for America's longest running women's stage race.
"This is a one-off project for this race only," Aevolo team director Jono Coulter said. "Aevolo is already committed to multiple programs across many aspects of cycling across the USA, but we are happy to show the opportunity to these athletes so they could click in at the start line at a top-quality event that would have otherwise been logistically improbable."
Wearing the Aevolo colors for Tour of the Gila will be Deborah Paine (NZL), Scotti Lechuga (USA), Maddy Ward (USA), Rachel Langdon (GBR), Caitlin Laroche Creed (USA) and Cathy Colyn (RSA).
"The quality of athletes racing in the USA right now is very high. We have a good number of women's UCI teams, and there has been a solid increase in the number of criterium based teams over the last few years," Coulter said. "We wanted to put together a squad for this stage race that showcases the strengths of some of our up and coming road racers, adding in the talent from a couple of riders who have a proven pedigree at the top level."

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