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Photo: Meg McMahon


December 8th, 2020

After a long year of uncertainty, Aevolo is picking up where it left off to create a challenging and dynamic racing season for its development team in 2021.


All current riders have re-signed with the team, including those who would have, in normal circumstances, aged out of Aevolo’s U23 program.


“2021 will be a very important year for almost everyone,” team director Michael Creed said. “Not just the riders who aged out, but for the riders who will be aging out. In a lot of ways, it’s now or never for some of them.”


Along with its ten returning riders, Aevolo welcomes all-rounder Gabriel Shipley to the squad.


Shipley, Montana resident and student at Union College in New York, comes to the team from Hot Tubes Development Cycling, where he played an essential part in helping the team to victory at the 2019 Junior Tour of Ireland.


“I’m ecstatic to carry the Aevolo mantle on my shoulders, and eager to begin racing with the team,” Shipley said. “It’s been a dream of mine to join the t­­eam this last year, so I want to capitalize on every opportunity and learn from team members and riders what it truly means to be an Aevolo rider.”


The team plans to head overseas for a European racing block in spring and attend marquee events on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour. This will come as welcome news to all, including Gage Hecht, whose been an integral part of the team since its inception in 2017.


“I’m excited to see what we’ll be able to do after this year away from racing. It’s the longest break from racing I’ve had since I was nine years old,” Hecht said. “I think more than anything, whatever happens, we’re all excited to get back together as a team.”


Adjoint Sports Director Jono Coulter agreed, adding one of the best aspects of working with the next generation of athletes is their endless enthusiasm and motivation, despite a shattered 2020 season.


“Aevolo riders pick up the pieces and throw them headlong into a tailwind,” Coulter said. “They understand that dedication breeds outcomes, and there’s no better determinant of getting a result than creating a path to that place. The riders have high spirits and bubbling anticipation for the spring of 2021. Let’s go, champ!”



Cade Bickmore

Tyler Stites

Conor Schunk

Scott McGill

Eric Brunner

Aidan McNeil

Sean McElroy

Charles-Etienne Chretien

Tristan Jussaume

Gabriel Shipley

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