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July 14TH,  2018

BOISE – Racking up two wins, a third and a fifth place, Aevolo Cycling couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Boise, Idaho. The team traveled up to the Gem State for three days of racing in three different separate disciplines: a time trial, criterium and road race on Sunday. 


First on tap was the inaugural Chrono Kristin Armstrong, where Luis Villalobos shone in his new Mexican national champion skinsuit and claimed fifth place amongst some of the best time trialists in the country. The next day, the team took the start for the evening USA Crits Boise Twilight Criterium that saw Gage Hecht take the win and new signing Imeh Nsek finish third on a broken rear wheel.

“I really enjoyed Boise Twilight,” Hecht said. “All of the riders on the team contributed to this victory. I can’t wait to keep moving through the season with these riders.”


Hecht, Villalobos and Nsek were all part of a break which held off the main bunch to the finish. 


“The highlight of USA CRITS Series Boise Twilight Criterium was rolling a break with Luis Villalobos and Gage Hecht,” Nsek said. “They were so strong and kept me protected for the sprint. I couldn't deliver due to an untimely mechanical, but I was ecstatic to see Gage cross the line in first. He worked hard for that one. The Boise crowd was huge and supportive. I have family in Boise and I really enjoyed racing in front them!”

Despite the busy schedule, the team still found quiet time to work on school work, as well as memorize each other’s birthdate and birthplace, an impromptu competition first conquered by recent birthday boy Tyler Stites.

On Sunday, the team took the start for the Chicken Dinner Road Race, some say the biggest race that no one knows about. It was Tyler Stites’ turn to deliver, and he did with style. Stites animated a two-man break and capped it off with another win for the Aevolo team


“The weekend was a big success for Aevolo in Boise,” Stites said. “We animated the crit and Gage was able to take it home with the win. In the road race the next day, we again raced aggressively and I soon found myself in a long range breakaway with one other rider. After 80km off the front, I was able to win the uphill sprint to the line. It was a very productive weekend for us because we were able to get a few good races in our legs as we prepare for the big goals that are just around the corner.”

The big goals around the corner are U23 Nationals coming up next week at Hagerstown, Maryland, which the team is coming into with a ton of confidence after a streak of fantastic results. From there, they’ll travel to Tour of Utah to take part in their biggest race to date. 

All Photos by Casey B. Gibson

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