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April 15th, 2021

Flying with Vie13: What’s behind our exclusive Aevolo kit design


Whether we're racing through medieval cities, clocking base miles in the elements, or taking selfies with fans, one thing is for sure - our Vie13 Kustom Apparel kit always steals the show.


It’s not just the eye-catching green and gold Aevolo colors that make it one of a kind. It's Vie13's meticulous attention to detail that prioritizes comfort, speed, and style every time we ride. 


Our 2021 kit design is similar to its 2020 predecessor, but this year, we added Gibo giraffe, Aevolo's signature mascot, to the back of the jersey.


"Vie13 is USA's premier custom apparel kit company," adjoint director Jono Coulter said. "Owners Gary and Theresa Ryan focus on it all, especially aerodynamics, fit, and body heat dissipation."


"We're at the maximum amount of stoke to work with Aevolo. For this team, performance is everything, so details become everything - that's a perfect fit for us," Ryan said.  


Vie13's performance goals for its apparel are simple: make the athlete more efficient. With the motto, "marginal gains over gains on margins," they create with the latest fabric tech and construction techniques to deliver a garment that gives athletes real tools to help them win races.


"Every garment we delivered to Aevolo has a specific use, and hopefully a specific advantage, over their competition's race apparel," Ryan said. "We make fast garments with a heavy focus on keeping athlete's core temps as low as possible."


Vie13's Gary Ryan breaks down the details behind Aevolo's custom kit: 


We're known for making fast apparel, and our Speed Jersey is the fastest to date. Developed for the Tokyo Olympics, it's a true aero jersey, focused on performance, first and foremost. On top of that, it is also the most comfortable aero jersey we have ever created.


Like all tunnel-developed garments, this speed jersey is intended to be worn ultra-snug. We have used as few front-facing seams as possible to reduce drag, moving many to the side and back, away from turbulent air currents. 


Pockets are particularly problematic for any aerodynamic garment, so as a compromise to the narrower pocket openings, we added a large hidden pocket on the side to assist with on-bike access and a waterproof fabric liner to protect from sweat.


The fastest jerseys in the world have an equal focus on lowering drag and lowering core temperatures. Our jersey does both of these better than anything else that we've tested against.


The sleeves of this Speed Jersey are comprised of a brand-new Italian fabric called "Aero Shell," a lightweight sheer summer fabric with a deep texture that will keep the wind flowing as close as possible while still reducing drag. The front and pocket fabrics are made from a coated fabric from Switzerland. This aero-coated fabric helps reflect UV light and stay cooler than your skin temperature. There are no side panels. Instead, we wrapped the seam around the back of the jersey for aerodynamics.


The rear fabric is an ultra-sheer summer weave, optimized to wick moisture. We use large panels of an Italian mesh fabric under the arms up to the sleeves' edge to expel as much hot air as possible. We've added some taping elements to the sleeve ends and the front hem, both for speed and comfort.


Finally, we've added a knitted elastic band with reflective stitching and silicone embedding to hold the jersey in place and keep you a little safer out on the roads.


The Royalty Bib is our new top-of-the-line bib from VIE13. We chose this item the way every top-of-the-line product should be selected, by starting with the question: If money was no object, what would be the best?


We asked this question for every aspect of this bib, from the Swiss and Italian mills that make the finest of fabrics, to the chamois designers whose products are synonymous with the pro peloton, and even master pattern makers. This bib is the result.


The chamois panel fabric is a high-end Italian power stretch compression fabric with silicone embedding, which offers the perfect amount of support and stretch. In fact, it offers 33 percent more compression than our Pro level. Compression fabrics are used to help promote circulation. More and more cyclists are having issues with arterial endofibrosis due to loss of circulation in the external iliac and femoral arteries, so we wanted to do what we can to help promote blood flow in this area.


We choose a cutting-edge fabric made in Switzerland, sheer but durable side panels with intergraded grippers for a seamless look and feel. The bib straps are wide and highly elastic, the perfect balance of support and comfort.


For the chamois, the most critical point of contact, we chose the Space 2 by the legendary Italian company Elastic Interface. If you want to ride seven-plus hour days in comfort, this 120kg/cm3 chamois is the way to do it.


The ChamoisSpace 2, is the current highest-end performance chamois from Elastic Interface. This brand uses saddle pressure sensors and cross-references power data to show how much athletes allow their legs to relieve saddle pressure.


A cyclist's energy should be used to deliver results, not relive sit bone pressure. We were blown away by how much energy athletes waste towards the end of events, so attention to chamois gains has become a recent focus of ours."


For more about our incredible clothing partner, visit

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