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June 7th, 2017

Aevolo Cycling will be travelling north to Canada for the GP Cycliste de Saguenay this weekend, part of the UCI America Tour.

"We chose to travel north to the GP Cycliste de Saguenay over Saint Francis Tulsa Tough and the North Star Grand Prix because of the two Canadian riders we have on the roster," says sports director Mike Creed.

"It would be a big ask for them to miss the races and we hope that it would be better preparation for nationals than the more crit based options," Creed adds.

GP Saguenay begins with a 166.1 kilometer (103 mile) stage on Thursday June 8. The peloton does eleven laps on a 15.1 kilometer circuit.

The second stage is along the Baie de Ha! Ha! as well, north-west of the stage one circuit. Nine laps of 19 kilometres make up a total race distance of 171 kilometres (106 miles).

The four-day race continues with a criterium style race in stage three in Jonquière, consisting of 35 laps, totalling at 74.5 kilometres (46.3 miles).

Finally, the Sunday stage takes the riders on fourteen laps right through the city centre of Saguenay, 149.8 kilometres (93 miles) in total.

In light of the performance that Creed asks of the riders, he says he can't put a definable placing, result or expectation on it.

"This is the last push for the year," Creed says. After the Winston Salem races, he'd said that he knows the team has to take it a little further, step it up just that little bit. He hopes the guys will do that in Canada. "We'll all know it when we see it, and I hope we do."

Aevolo for GP Saguenay:

Gage Hecht (USA)

Lance Haidet (USA)

Jack Burke (CAN)

Laurent Gervais (USA)

Tyler Stites (USA)

Jokin Etxabe Leturia (ESP)

Jason Saltzman (USA)

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