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August 31st, 2017

EDMONTON - It's finally here. The Aevolo team will take the line for the biggest race of the season on Friday - the 2017 Tour of Alberta.

The race, one of the most prestigious events in North America, has hosted some of the most competitive international squads in the word. Taking place on September 1st through 4th, the invitation is a fitting recognition of the under-23 development team’s hard work this season.

“Given that this race is the biggest opportunity the boys have had this year we're bringing the strongest possible team,” team director Michael Creed said. “It will be Jack Burke’s last race with the team as he is aging out next year so we're hoping he is able to get a result and the rest of the team makes an impression.”

“Jokin (Extabe) is aging out as well and it would be good to see him get a great result before he leaves,” he added. “We hope we leave a lasting impression with Medalist Sports and secure invites for their races in the coming years.”

The four-day race will start in Jasper National Park and culminate Edmonton. The stages present plenty of opportunities for the team to excel.

“This is the biggest race our team has been invited to and also the biggest race I’ve ever taken part in. I think we’re bringing a very strong team that will be able to mix it up every stage,” Hernandez said. “ Personally, I’m excited for stage two where it looks like a field sprint could be where the winner comes out of.”

“The team hasn’t raced together since Cascade Classic, so I think everyone is coming in fresh and motivated, looking to leave one last big stamp on the season.”

The 5th edition of the ATB Tour of Alberta begins its four-day, 546-kilometre trek in the town of Jasper, and loops into Jasper National Park three times before an uphill finish at Marmot Basin Ski Resort.

The race will leave the beautiful Canadian mountains for a flat and fast out and back stage 2 around Spruce Grove, ending with three fast-paced downtown circuits.

For the penultimate stage, the race moves into Edmonton for a challenging 11-lap circuit that starts and finishes at the University of Alberta.

To conclude the Tour of Alberta, the Aevolo team will take the start in downtown Edmonton for the same thrilling finale offered up the last three editions of the race. The 11-lap circuit race will feature the exciting downtown district and the Edmonton River Valley.

Tour of Alberta Roster:

Jokin Etxabe

Zeke Mostov

Luis Villalobos

Mike Hernandez

Tyler Stites

Laurent Gervais

Jack Burke

Jason Saltzman

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