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Photo: Casey B. Gibson



October 21st, 2017

Aevolo Cycling participated in the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic professional races over the weekend with a five rider squad. Tyler Stites, Lance Haidet, Gage Hecht, Laurent Gervais and Jason Saltzman rode the professional criterium on Saturday May 27, followed by the UCI1.1 road race on Monday 29.

A livestream provided by the organisation meant the race could be followed live via several cycling media outlets.

The Winston-Salem Cycling Classic criterium on Saturday was a tough warm-up into the weekend.

"The guys didn't have a great day out there," sports director Mike Creed looks back. "Winston created amazing courses that didn't allow much room for any errors. And the team made some with regards to timing their efforts. Because of that, they missed the main move of twelve that stayed to the line."

The team discussed what should change going into the road race and used the free day on Sunday for proper recovery, with a challenging 110.4 mile UCI1.1 road race coming up.

"We made sure our five kept their systems running with a solid ride - and stayed on top of hydration."

The road race on Monday 29 saw Laurent Gervais get himself into the early break.

"Laurent made a key early move that lasted four to five laps and if it had stayed away one more lap, it would've had the winning trio ride up to it. And then gone to the line."

Eventually it was Redlands stage 3 winner and points jersey winner Gage Hecht who was Aevolo's top finisher in the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic road race.

"Gage had a brave ride and was active. He was hanging tough in the constantly chasing field, while Laurent was out there. When Laurent's group came back, Gage made the final split."

Hecht finished the UCI1.1 road race in 28th position.

"This was only his second time riding over 100 miles. And he's only 18," Creed says, adding he doesn't want to give that as an excuse. "But it is a real reason why he was on his knees for the last 30k."

Looking at the performance in both races, Creed concludes that a little more progress is needed.

"Not a lot - they're so close to being real factors of the race. But the honest truth is that we need a little more, and I know they're capable."

Aevolo Cycling returns to racing in Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.

Jack Burke BC's TT champ AGAIN

Up north, Jack Burke participated in the provincial elite time trial championships in British Columbia, Canada. Burke was the 2016 time trial champion, taking to the start as the defending champion.

He had no trouble prolonging his title.

"I'm skipping to BC road race championships to train for the bigger races that the team is doing," Burke adds.

"I just did this time trial as part of training, and as a trial run at a 40 kilometer time trial, as that's the same as the national TT championships I'm aiming for."

The Canadian national time trial championships take place on Tuesday June 27.

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