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Photo: Casey B. Gibson




October 10th, 2017

Aevolo is pleased to announce rider Zeke Mostov has graduated from its U23 development team and has signed with Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling Team for 2018.

“I’m happy to have had the chance to work with Zeke and see him mature,” Aevolo team director Mike Creed said. “He’s capable of more than has been shown and I believe Axeon will be a great place for him to show it.”

Aevolo is a not-for-profit elite team committed to both the athletic development and academic growth of under-23 cyclists, and Mostov’s move proves the effectiveness of the program after just one year.

“During my time on Aevolo I had my first full, injury-free season since 2013,” Mostov said. “I found myself in a supportive environment where I was able to grow not just in my racing abilities, but also as a whole athlete and person. At a few key moments in the season, where I found my focus being pulled in multiple directions, Creed was able to help me examine my objectives and give me the space to commit to focused, long-term goals.”

“As my first full season as U23, I am proud to look back on the growth I have made in all areas as a rider - much of which I do not think would have been possible in any other program,” said Mostov, who won the Porsche Thunderbird Classic this year. “The environment, riders and management coupled with the size and scope of Aevolo's racing ambitions have provided me with the perfect season to get my feet back under and spring board to take advantage of opportunities.”

“I am very proud to have been part of the founding Aevolo roster and will continue to benefit for the rest of my career from my experiences on the team. I will definitely miss getting to travel, hang out, and race with our staff and riders.”

Aevolo is expanding its roster from 10 to 12 riders for the 2018 season, and will announce its complete line up in the coming weeks.

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