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Date of birth: 2004

Height: 187cm

Weight: 77kg

Hometown: Niskayuna, NY

Education: Niskayuna HS

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Top results

  • Tour de l’Abitibi Stage 3

  • Tour Alpe Adria Stage 2 and GC

  • Vuelta a Riberia Stage 1- 5th

Previous teams:

Capital Bicycle Racing Club

2023 is my ________ season on Aevolo:


Earliest memory of riding a bicycle:

When I was first learning how to ride my bicycle I was 3.5 and my grandpa was ‘helping’. He pushed me into a juniper bush on my bike and I was hooked.

First race:

My first race was the Frozen Four criterium in Hartford. It was really cold and I hadn’t ridden my bike in several months because I was swimming and from the moment I got dropped I knew never wanted to get dropped again.

Favorite race in the USA:

Tour of the Battenkill is my favorite bike race. A beautiful farmland setting and it was my first time setting a goal for cycling and being able to complete it. It still feels good. 

Favorite race in the world:

As someone who turned to cycling as a form of rehab for an ankle injury, my familiarity with cycling was limited. I watched the Tour de France on television and it was exciting and would probably be my favorite race. It is fun to watch elite racing with my sisters on the tv.

Favorite training route:

My favorite training route would probably be a route called the Three Sisters. It is a 18 mile, 2500 ft. loop that I do in pretty much every ride.

Best piece of Aevolo team equipment or apparel? Tell us why.

I love my Cannondale SuperSix bike with Shimano Dura-Ace components. It is fast and light, it shifts perfectly always, and the frame has a special little shine. The saddle is so comfortable and I could (I do) ride for hours on it. My S-phere shoes are really comfortable and I love the way they look.

What is the biggest lesson you have had in cycling that you would share with an up and coming rider?

Doing heat prep is a really important part of riding. At Nationals last year, I did poorly compared to how I think I should’ve done because I was over heating.

I want to be on Aevolo because:

It is the best place for me to develop as a rider and as a person.

One of my goals I hope to achieve in cycling during my time on Aevolo is:

One of my many goals that I hope to achieve while at Aevolo is to able to compete and be competitive at the Tour de l’Avenir. As a junior I got really lucky and I was able to compete at the Tour de l’Abitibi but I wasn’t able to race at any other Nations Cup events and I want to be on the level and be competitive at events like that.

Something I find important outside of cycling is:

My family and dogs are something that is really important to me. I love spending time with my family and seeing them happy makes me happy. I like grabbing (gently of course) my dogs’ tongues when they lick me and wiggling them around because it makes Poppy and Cocoa happy.

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