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July 27th, 2020

It's hard to believe five months have passed since Aevolo's first team camp in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and that's five long months with no racing, no team interaction, and no training rides. That all changed last week when Aevolo came back together for a team camp in Crested Butte, Colo.



All riders tested negative for COVID-19 before arriving and continued safe practices during attendance. Mike Creed and Jono Coulter designed the informal camp to encourage team bonding and to some fun on and off the bike, all while competing for the "team camp champ" award. More specifically, a custom Aevolo wrestling belt!


Each day, riders took part in activities that were a departure from the norm. From poker nights to soccer games and cooking competitions, the riders cumulated daily points toward an overall tally. In the end, Scott McGill ended up on top and the first recipient of the "team camp champ" belt. Sean McElroy finished second, and Aidan McNeil took third.


"I enjoyed being able to spend time with my teammates and do some activities that we normally don't do," McGill said. "It was fun to do some mountain biking and play soccer and stuff like that. It was definitely a different camp then what I am used to, but it was one of the most fun and most memorable."


It's still uncertain when Aevolo will be racing again, however, on the final day, the team made due by racing each other in an out and back 40 mile team time trial over Kebler Pass. The simulation rekindled the racing spark with both staff and riders and was the perfect end to the five-day camp.


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