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Photo: Casey B. Gibson




September 2nd, 2017

JASPER, Alberta – Jack Burke, aka Captain Extremo, put a stamp on the opening stage of the 5th edition of Tour of Alberta, finishing in fifth place after spending the day in the break with teammate Tyler Stites and 13 other riders.

His result placed him in not only the best young rider jersey, but the also the best Canadian jersey.

“It was quite the hard day, but it was incredible. This race has been a huge goal for us the whole year,” 22-year-old Burke said. “Everyone was so excited. Tyler just killed himself all day which was motivation for me to put the nail in the coffin.”

“It’s such an honor for me to wear the Canadian jersey,” said Burke, who hails from Squamish, B.C.. “It means a ton to be in both of those jerseys. It’s just a perfect day. I’m so happy I could finish the job the team worked so hard for today.”

It was an active race from the start, and Aevolo took turns covering each move that went up the road. Burke and Stites settled into the break that stuck 20 kilometres into the 165km race that ended with an 11km ascent to Marmot Basin.

“Our director Mike (Creed) knows exactly what’s going to happen in the race before it starts,” Burke said. “Before for the race he told us to watch for a split to go and to not think we can all relax until the final climb.”

With 25 kilometers to go, Aevolo had Stites commit to help Burke get as big of a gap as possible. By the time the break hit the climb, they had a two-minute advantage on the peloton.

“I’m very proud of Jack and how Tyler sold out for him,” DS Mike Creed said.

Eventual winner, Evan Huffman (Rally) rolled off the front of the break on the climb, and by the time he got 15 seconds, it was the last they saw of the Rally rider.

Tomorrow’s stage is flat and fast out and back road race around Spruce Grove, ending with three circuits in the city. The riders start at 1:15pm MDT and live TV coverage begins at 3 pm. Visit to watch.

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