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Photo: Casey B. Gibson



February 15th, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – Aevolo is pleased to announce its partnership with Unior Tools, a Slovenian based tool company that sponsors a World Cup Downhill mountain bike team, four Pro Tour road teams, and handfuls of other pro cycling teams and mechanics in every discipline.

In a nutshell, when a customer enters the discount code "aevolo" at checkout on the Unior website ( they will receive 10 percent off. Not only that, Aevolo will see 10 percent of that sale go towards the team.

“Unior USA is proud to work with the Aevolo Cycling Team in its goal of helping riders move to the next level in their careers,” Unior Operations Manager Chris Kreidl said. “We're particularly looking forward to being able to work with Vince Gee as head mechanic knowing that his experience and critical eye will help us refine our product line. His reputation among professional mechanics is well deserved and we're excited to see him join the #worldofunior.”

The partnership also brings Gee on board as Unior brand ambassador.

“I took many shop classes in high school including wood shop and metal shop. One required project was to fabricate out own chisel and hardening it as our final grade,” Gee said. “With this experience, it is nice to know all metal tool fabrication by Unior Tools is done in house in Slovenia for ultimate quality control. As a tool builder, you can control each small step in every its manufacturing process.”

About the company

The business started in 1919 as "Styria Iron-Industrial Company" making tools and forgings primarily for agriculture and mining. In the late 20th century, the company began to heavily invest in its hand tool line and renamed itself to Unior, a portmanteau of the Slovenian words "Univerzalno Orodje," or "Universal Tools" in English. After doing contract work manufacturing tools for other bike tool companies they began to produce their own line, eventually officially entering the US market in 2016. 

Follow Unior USA on Twitter and Instagram at @uniorusa. Also be sure to check out their website,

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