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July 18th, 2017

BEND, Or. - The longest running stage race in the United States has welcomed Aevolo Cycling to Oregon this week. Along with thirty other men's teams and fourteen women's teams, Aevolo Cycling will participate in the 38th Annual Cascade Cycling Classic.

"It's a final push for the season," said sports director Mike Creed. "I'm hoping we can get a top 10 overall."

The race, which runs from July 19 to July 23, will see WorldTour riders, USA domestic teams and international riders battle it out in the beautiful Oregon state.

As a relaxed and fun last preparation for the race, three Aevolo riders lined up at the Boise Twilight Criterium on Saturday July 15. Gage Hecht, Lance Haidet and Michael Hernandez were looking for their chances in the prime laps.

"With the small field at the start, there was a good chance to earn some nice money," Creed said. "The race was super well run and had a great atmosphere. I can't thank the organisation enough."

By now you should know that Hecht's middle name is 'criterium, and sure enough, he was once again part of the action and in a decisive move.

"It's hard to pick out any one thing that helps me to be a part of of these moves," Hecht said. "I have found that because of my cyclocross background, I have the ability to recover from an attack and go into another quickly. This allows me to be in more moves - which heightens the chances of one being permanent."

"On top of this, there is a bit of guessing involved on where to be in the pack and choosing where to be in the pack," he said. "I have had good luck with that this year."

He sure did. The race was aggressive, a major reason for it the high amount of primes on the line throughout the race.

"Most of the race, there were a few people off the front, but none of these breaks stuck for more than a few laps before a team would try and bring them back," Hecht explained. "With about ten laps to go, George Simpson and I went for a prime and ended up putting a gap on the field in the process of doing so. To our surprise, the gap grew quickly, and we ended up staying off the front for a number of laps."

But with about five laps remaining, Hecht's adventure off the front was up and the breakaway duo was brought back. "I tried to do my best to recover and help Michael Hernandez move to the front, but I never regained enough power to get to him," he said.

After three days of recovery and some downtime spent with Aevolo teammates and staff, Hecht will be part of a seven-rider squad representing Aevolo Cycling in the Cascade Cycling Classic. The five-day stage race contains three road races, an individual time trial and a criterium. Following his successful season so far, Hecht is clear about the goals he wants to accomplish himself, or help the team accomplish.

"We have been close to yellow a number of times throughout the season with Jack Burke. I would love to see him finish with that jersey," Hecht said. "I want to do all that I can to help him achieve this."

"With my success so far this year with crits, that stage will be a good day for me to try and get a result," Hecht concluded. "I am very happy with the season that I have had so far, and I cannot wait to see what will happen in the part that is left."

Aevolo Cycling for Cascade Cycling Classic:

Jack Burke

Gage Hecht

Lance Haidet

Laurent Gervais

Zeke Mostov

Jason Saltzman

Luis Villalobos

Burke and Gervais prepare in BC Superweek

Jack Burke and Laurent Gervais arrived in the United States after a week of racing in the BC Superweek. The Canadian duo swapped the yellow-green Aevolo outfits for the maple leaf shirts of the Canadian national team in the UCI1.2 Delta Road Race on July 9.

Gervais raced aggressively and was in many moves, eventually ending up 20th. "It was really a privilege for me to get tasks and advice by a WorldTour rider, Ryan Anderson of DirectEnergie, and work for such an experienced rider," he said.

Although the race went pretty well, it didn't unfold like the team would have liked to. "We hoped for a reduced bunch sprint with Ryan," Gervais said. "But it was one big group at the end and he ended up seventh."

The week continued with the Gastown GP on July 11, in which Burke and Gervais were back in their Aevolo Cycling Team kits.

"The Gastown GP, known as the most prestigious criterium in North America, is a must!" Gervais exclaimed. "The pace was really high the whole time and positioning was really hard. I fought the whole time for top twenty wheels, but couldn't contest the final sprint."

"BC superweek is such great racing," Gervais continued. "The atmosphere is incredible and I was really happy to get the invite from the national team, to give me the opportunity to be part of the Delta Road Race again this year."

Gervais' goal at the beginning of 2017 had been to progress as much as he could and adapt to pro racing and he is happy to realise that he adapted sufficiently to the pro peloton. "I can now focus on more specific goals," he said. "The goal now is to really distinguish myself from the other riders and make myself a key rider for the support of the team."

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